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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

GO: Moomba Festival 2013

Those who follow me on Instagram know that I just had a very eventful weekend! Just a quick short update because I need to catch up with my sleep. With the working life just started, it just plain hard for me to balance between work and play. Age does not lie and gone those days where I was able to party until 4am and continue the havoc on the next day.

On Saturday, after filming for the upcoming church short-movie/campaign (photos coming soon! It was really entertaining!), I headed for the annual Moomba Festival. I think our decision to go at night was completely justified given that the weather has been ridiculously hot for the past few days. Well, enjoy the pictures!


Tallia said...

This is such a pretty and colorful night!

Farah said...

A night with beautiful fireworks, fun rides and amazing company!! What a perfect night you had, darling!! ;)) Looking beautiful as always! X

Juju said...

wonderful images!

Pretty To Be Happy

loving-evelyn said...

great fireworks

Patricia Evelyn Salim said...

beautiful fireworks !! it seems like a very fun occasion :)

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Veren Lee said...

hello ci stella!
thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! I think I haven't seen you for so long on the blogsphere. How are u ? Seems like you had a nice trip to Europe~~hehehhee >_<

By the way the photos here look amazing <3

stevia indrawan said...

the Moomba festival looks beautiful and the fireworks look amazing!!!
have a good sleep!
I can definitely feel the aging effect.. LOL
gone are the day of partying for me as well!

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Jenny / Rocknrollerr said...

looks like so much fun!!

X Jenny
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Patricia ♥ said...

I love fireworks! ♥ Never heard of this festival before, but it was definitely worth going there for you ;)

Have a nice day,

Puput said...

awesome pictures

Monika Ozdoba said...

Hello, Hun!
So lovely! ♥ Why don't we follow each other? :)


febrina utami putri said...

all the lights and fireworks! gorgeous pictures stel!

Allison said...

These pictures are gorgeous - I'm such a sucker for fireworks :) You look beautiful as always and I'm loving your outfit! xox

Rachael Dobbins said...

great blog
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mutianugrabita said...

The fireworks are great. And the event looks so fun!
You have a great style I guess. I'm your new follower :D

Stephanie Lin said...

The fireworks look so gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

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